Ko-fu (Omiyage Shop)

Name: Ko-fu (Omiyage Shop)
Address: 2-10 Kowa-cho, Nemuro-shi, Hokkaido, Japan / First floor in Nemuro Tourism Information Center
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TEL 0153-23-2347

*No correspondence to queries in English.

FAX 0153-23-2347
WEB SITE You can purchase items on online shopping website, Nimuoro Club: http://www.nimuoro.com/
Open Hours: June ~ September: 8:00〜16:00 / October ~ May: 9:00〜16:00
Regular Holidays: No scheduled holidays
Average Budget:
Recomended Menu: Hanasaki Crab Drop: 350 yen / Hanasaki Crab Japanese cracker: 350 yen / There are many other Nemuro souvenirs.
Parking Area: Parking area in front of Nemuro station, around 5 cars
Credit Card Availability: Unavailable
Shop Pics: