Akesato Ito Farm Restaurant Attoko

Name: Akesato Ito Farm Restaurant Attoko
Address: 101-21 Akesato, Nemuro-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Google Map:
TEL +81-153-26-2288

*No correspondence to queries in English.

FAX +81-153-26-2141
WEB SITE https://www.akesatoitodairyfarm.com/ http://restaurantattoko.jimdo.com/
E-Mail: gyuu@iris.ocn.ne.jp
Open Hours: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Last order Meal: 3:00 pm /  Drinks and desserts 3:30 pm  
Regular Holidays: Tuesdays and Wednesdays except GW, Obon, New Year holidays.
Average Budget: 1,500
Recomended Menu:
 Nemuro shorthorn(Japanese) Beef Escalope
Nemuro shorthorn(Japanese) Beef Stew set ¥1,780
Nemuro shorthorn(Japanese)  Cheese hamburger steak set
Nemuro shorthorn(Japanese)  Sicilian rice
Soft cream ¥390
*As of September 2022
Parking Area: Available for 20 cars
Capacity: 48 people
Credit Card Availability: Available
Shop Pics: