Nemuro Kotohira Shrine

Name: Nemuro Kotohira Shrine
Description: This is one of the easternmost manned shrines in Japan with more than 200 years of history. The origin of the shrine is when Kahei Takadaya, a pioneer of northern sea fishing, worshiped the shrine while managing the fishing grounds in 1806. The shrine was transported to the current spot in 1881. After visiting and praying at the shrine, it is recommended you have a look at the other buildings and facilities such as the Festival Museum (Omatsuri Shiryokan) in the shrine office. Here you can see documents and displays like the gorgeous portable shrine (Omikoshi). It is also worth checking out the Goshuin (the letter bearing the shogun’s scarlet seal), amulets (omamori), or written oracles and fortunes (omikuji) which are distributed and sold there.   <Amulets (Omamori)> This is a small object or charm, it is a someone’s wish for protection against evil, blessing(good luck / better fortune) and guardianship. Omamori are Japanese amulets, talismans and charms. <Written Oracles (Omikuji)> Written Oracles, Omikuji, are distributed at the shrine to tell someone’s luck. Omikuji should be tied to Mikujikake (the rod or rope to hang Omikuji fortunes between two pillars). <Votive Picture of Horse (Ema)> Ema are wooden plates with pictures dedicated to temples and shrines used when praying at the shrines or saying thanks for the wish or goal that was achieved. They are hang in specific places, and you can write your wish or name on the back of some of them.   *As of August 2017
Address: 1-4, Kotohiracho, Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japan
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Access 1.BUS 【From Nemuro City Area】 Take the “Hanasaki Line” bus from the Nemuro Station Bus Terminal and get off at the “Shiomicho” stop. The shrine is 3 minutes walk from the bus stop. 2.RENTAL CAR(Recomended) 5 minutes walk from JR Nemuro Station
Contact The office for shrine administration. Amulets (omamori), written oracles and fortunes (omikuji), votive pictures of horses (ema), and other materials are distributed and sold here. Postal Code: 〒087-0055  Address: 1-4, Kotohiracho, Nemuro City, Hokkaido TEL: +81-153(23)4458
Entrance Fee Free
Open Hours 8:30AM ~ 5PM ※There may be changes to the opening hours due to the office’s situation.
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