Nemuro city is a fisheries city that has been developed as the base of northern fisheries for a long time, and it is located in the easternmost part of Hokkaido, faced with Pacific Ocean and Sea of Okhotsk.

Including “Hanasaki Crab”, which is caught only in Eastern Hokkaido area, and fatty “Samma (Saury)”, you can enjoy seafoods all the seasons in Nemuro.

Nemuro is the spot where you can feel untouched nature very closely such as”Cape Nosappu”, the easternmost cape in Japan,  “Lake Furen・Shunkunitai”, the rich natural environment with marshes, forests and dunes, and “Footpaths”, the routes for walking in farming areas and seashores.


Approximately 370 kinds of wild birds among around 630 kinds in Japan have been recorded due to the rich natural environment in this “Paradise of Wild Birds”, Nemuro. Since there are very rare birds and those which live in the far east, many of birdwatchers from all over Japan and the world come and enjoy birdwatching.

In Lake Furen, the marsh registered for Ramsar Convention as the internationally important marsh, you can find various kinds of wild birds throughout the year such as Japanese cranes raising their children in summer, Steller’s sea eagles and White-tailed eagles passing the witer (Lake Furen is the most crowded place in winter in Japan), and migratory birds including whooper swans in spring and autumn.

In addition, there are events and spots wild bird watchers should visit such as bird watching cruising and hides where you see rare sea birds including tuffed puffins and spectacled guillemots, birdwatching tours held by Nature Center and other associations, and “Nemuro Bird Land Festival” held in winter.

Wild Birds to Meet in Nemuro

 ●Japanese Crane ●White-tailed Eagle

 ●Steller’s Sea Eagle ●Tuffed Puffin   

 ●Spectacled Guillemots ●Long-tailed Duck  

 ●Long-tailed Tit ●Gray’s Grasshopper

 ●Siberian Rubythroat ●Snow Bunting