Movie Clip from Nemuro Kotohira Festival

Kotohira Festival is one of the three biggest festivals in Hokkaido. Check out the detail here.

Movie Clip from Nemuro Kotohira Festival

Dashi (Float) Competitive Playing


JR Hanasaki Line Hanasaki Station and Drying Kelp


JR Hanasaki Line, Ochiishi ~ Bettoga


JR Hanasaki Line Nemuro ~ Attoko Scenery from Windows


Starting fishing crabs in Nemuro! Shot of boiling Hanasaki Crabs


How to cook the famous local gourmet, Escalope


Northern Natural Flower Garden


Chishima Zakura in Horyuji Temple in Nemuro


Fishing under ice and Steller’s Sea Eagles in Nemuro


Drifting Ice at Nemuro Port