Tick-Tok Campsite

Name: Tick-Tok Campsite
Address: 101 Akesato, Nemuro
Google Map:
TEL +81-153-26-2798

*No correspondence to queries in English.

WEB SITE https://chikutakucampsite.jimdo.com/
E-Mail: gyuu@iris.ocn.ne.jp
Price: Basic Entrance Fee: 800 yen for an adult / 550 yen for a child (older than 2 years old and younger than 6th grade student) Optional Fee: Additional costs depend on the site to be used, including Free Site (10 groups), Car Site (3 groups), Bungalow (1 house). Please refer to the website for more information.
Number of Rooms Free Site (10 groups), Bungalow (1 house), Car Site (3 groups).
Bathroom Shower room (No ammenities)
Credit Card
Stay with Pets Available with a pet lead
Internet Service
Hotel Pics pasture     bungalow     carsite